North American Organics; NAO

Your Organic Resource Partners

North American Organics is a food consultant group specializing in premium organic and non-GMO foods. Our focus is to bring small to medium sized certified organic and non-GMO manufacturers, processors and co-ops based in Europe to the North America markets. Our goal is to give North American supermarkets and distributors access to the highest quality food sources from Europe while maintaining the flexibility of meeting customized and individual supermarket standard requirements.

Supermarkets and consumers are more demanding regarding the food they choose for customers, themselves and their families. They are commanding more transparency with product origin, a full and complete list of ingredients, certification labels, manufacturing processes, details on quality control and safety management of the manufacturers.

NAO has the technical and business skills to meet these demands from supermarkets and consumers through its network and team members in Europe. Our team consists of well tenured food process engineers, food scientists and international business experts. The expertise of our team members put NAO in a unique position to create a dynamic and progressive relationship between supermarkets and our European partners. The products in our portfolio consist of only EU/USDA certified organic and Non-GMO verified juice/beverages, preserves, purees, concentrates and limited production olive oils.

Our team develops dynamic and flexible partnerships to create opportunities for both North American retailers and European manufacturers and processors. We have long standing mutually supportive relationships with European organic manufacturers and producers that share the same values as us. Our quest for artisans, growers and manufacturers is never ending. Our partners produce the finest organic foods and are validated by our team of food scientists in Europe. Our food scientist have personally verified that our suppliers’ quality and manufacturing capabilities are within our stringent qualification criteria.

Our approach to relationships is simple, we develop sincere and honest partnerships in all aspects to bring the best products to our family and friends. We provide more than outstanding quality products. NAO assists retailers by bridging the gap between their demands of a retail environment and the capabilities of manufacturers, processors and growers.