Our team of experts will enable small and medium organic and non-GMO individual or co-op producers and manufacturers from European countries such as Spain, Italy and Switzerland to sell to North American markets. NAO introduces their products through our strong relationships with organic supermarkets and distributers purchasing agents.

Our services to European companies that meet our criteria include guidance with all federal regulation including FDA and USDA, customs control, importing criteria. Also guidance with obtaining USDA Organic Certification based in EU BIO certificate as well as non-GMO Verification. NAO introducing their products to organically wise supermarkets and distributers within the United States of America, Canada and Mexico.

Our team consist of a well tenured food process engineers, food scientist and international business experts with strong understanding of EU and North American markets and demands.

NAO close relationships with European food companies and producers will bridge the gap between the dynamic demands in North American organic markets. Our partnership will produce a final product that meet both the vendors and the customer uncompromising demand for the quality of natural food.